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Michelin starred restaurant

A gourmet star dazzles in Lorraine
Becoming a chef is a life choice, driven by personality and a love of people.
Creativity is the path to freedom and happiness is choosing your own produce, scouring land and sea for the best possible fish and meat and using herbs and spices from faraway lands.
However, a chef’s roots should always be in his terroir, using wonderful local produce as a matter of course.
Flavour. Pleasure. Quality… sharing these with guests in dishes that are simple yet original.
Adapting new techniques to perfect your art.
Putting your heart and soul into your work brings the ultimate reward.

Cooking! A taste of happiness…


My culinary adventure



Domaine de Roncemay

The following year I confirmed my worth with another first Michelin star at the Domaine de Roncemay in Burgundy, in recognition of the excellent creations accomplished there in a very few months.

Le Magasin aux vivres

In 2006, I was awarded a first star for my culinary expertise at Le Magasin aux Vivres, a new gourmet dining destination for the city of Metz, in a building steeped in history and magnificently restored.

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